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Native American Soccer Coaches Committee

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The Native American Soccer Coaches Committee serves Native American communities throughout the United States by providing positive youth development, using soccer as a means to promote health and wellness, youth leadership and life skills. We partner with the NSCAA to provide a soccer curriculum that is designed to promote physical wellness (improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility and strength), mental health (positive outlook, cognitive thinking, problem solving, leadership skills and prevention) and teach soccer skills, techniques and tactics.

Our goal is to use soccer as a vehicle to promote character, integrity, leadership, respect and teamwork. We believe that by expanding coaching education to reservations and pueblos throughout the U.S. we will be able to move in a concerted effort to increase the level of coaching we provide and serve as positive role models for the children we serve.

NSCAA’s Assistant Director of Coaching Education, Dr. Doug Williamson, has provided leadership and support to the programs that we offer. The support of Dr. Williamson and the NSCAA has been instrumental in growing NASCC as well as soccer in Indian Country.

We will be posting coaching courses on our site throughout the year and look forward to all who can attend. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact the chair of the Native American Soccer Coaches Committee, Boyna Bear at boynabear@hotmail.com

2012 NSCAA Convention

The Native American Soccer Coaches Committee (NASCC) would like to thank the NSCAA for providing our committee a forum to discuss how we can continue to grow soccer in Native American communities. We want to thank all of the participants who came to our presentation, "The State of Native American Soccer in the United States".  We are very appreciative of the feedback we received as well as the very generous support that was offered.  It was incredible to get the input of Native coaches as well as Non-Native coaches who are interested in supporting the growth of soccer in Native American communities.  Our Native coaches feedback is instrumental in identifying the unique needs in Native communities as well as the strengths of their respective communities.  The support of our Non-Native coaches was also very inspiring.  We are very fortunate to have this support through NSCAA coaching education, state associations, clubs, and individuals whose expertise and generosity will allow us to serve Native Coaches and youth.  This collaboration would not have been possible without the positive and supportive environment of the NSCAA Convention. 

The Indigenous Soccer Cup

Indigenous Cup

Indigenous Soccer Cup

The Indigenous Soccer Cup is an annual National Native Youth Leadership Conference that uses soccer as a vehicle to reinforce the life skills that the children learn while attending our conference. The skills and presentations include: leadership, youth resiliency, nutrition, wellness, drug/alcohol prevention, college preparation, and workshops to develop positive relationships.

The ISC has had the privilege of having some of the most engaging and influential facilitators/speakers in Indian Country attend our event, including Dr. Clayton Small, Native Pride Inc., and The National Indian Youth Leadership Project.

The summer soccer tournament consists of an 8 v. 8 event with three round-robin games and single-elimination playoff games. The ISC draws more than 250 Native children ages 10-19 from throughout the U.S. and Canada. For the past three years, the ISC has been held on the college campuses of the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University, respectively.

6th Annual Indigenous Soccer Cup

The 6th Annual Indigenous Soccer Cup and International Native Youth Leadership Conference
“A National Native Youth Leadership Conference”
July 18-22, 2012
Location:  Bosque School, 4000 Learning Road NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120
Age brackets include:  U-13 boys and girls, U-15 boys and girls, U-17 boys and girls, and U-19 boys and girls.

Native Youth will compete in an 8v8 Soccer Tournament and Positive Youth Wellness Workshops.

Topics for the Workshops include:

  • NSCAA Coaching Education Course
  • Soccer Skills Session led by the University of New Mexico Men's Soccer Team
  • Life Skills
  • Leadership
  • Health & Wellness
  • Prevention
  • Youth Resiliency
  • College Preparation

The event is hosted by Southwest Youth Services. If you are interested in sponsoring an ISC participant or ISC team, please contact JoAnn Melchor at:  505.238.2058 JoAnn@sysnm.org

For more information on the ISC, please contact Nathan Waites at:  505.259.5072 or Nathan@sysnm.org.

Article on Native Coach Arron Lujan and Native Player Chris Wondolowski: http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2011/05/17/a-kiowa-coach-and-the-greatest-professional-indian-athlete-in-the-world-34380

A Conversation With Chris Wondolowski, Kiowa, MLS's 2012 MVP: http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/article/conversation-chris-wondolowski-kiowa-mlss-2012-mvp-146098

Contact Us

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact the chair of the Native American Soccer Coaches Committee, Boyna Bear at boynabear@hotmail.com. You can also contact Arron Lujan at alujan@andrew.cmu.edu.