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Convention Schedule

The 2014 NSCAA Convention schedule can be a bit overwhelming, especially if this is your first trip to the event. We recommend the following steps when customizing your personal schedule :

1. Decide if/what coaching diplomas you want to earn during the week (find requirements here), then make sure you sort by "Diploma/Certificate” to identify those specific sessions.
2. You can also personalize your schedule based on the level you coach and the experience you bring to the game. Sort by "Track” to find out the sessions that fall within the age group you coach.
3. Identify what social events you would like to attend. We recommend the Exhibit Hall grand opening, the Awards Banquet, and coach-specific socials (at minimum) for networking and meeting new people.

Once you have identified the sessions and events you would like to attend during the week, “click add” on the schedule then in the upper right hand corner, then select “Create Personalized List” and print your schedule to bring with you.

**Keep in mind that this schedule changes on a regular basis and you should wait to print out your final schedule until much closer to the event, but it’s never too soon to start planning!

Location Key: M = Marriott (Downtown); CC = Convention Center

Color Key:
Lecture Q&A
Field Session
US Youth Soccer Workshop
Meal Function
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