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High School Courses

These are courses that the NSCAA has developed specifically for the High School coach. Each is designed to cover the needs of coaches in the high school setting. We also recommend that high school coaches take the Intermediate Courses and Advanced Level Courses to receive additional coaching education. 

Course Description Time Commitment
NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching This introductory course is perfect for high school and youth coaches who want to establish a solid foundation of coaching knowledge. The interactive course features an engaging interface that incorporates audio, video and text to teach essential soccer coaching techniques and methods. 5 hours (Online)
High School Diploma The High School Coaches Diploma deals with managerial issues and practice and game strategies specific to coaches of boys and girls high school teams. The course is designed to address the many issues and responsibilities unique to high school coaches in this country. The course curriculum examines the distinctive role high school coaches play in the personal development of young players. 21 hours