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Intermediate Courses

At the Intermediate Level, coaches can enter a course at any level depending on his/her previous experience. Make sure to read each description carefully to determine which course is the best fit for you. Click on the course link to see a list of upcoming courses and further details. 

Course Description Time Commitment Testing
Level 3

This Diploma is a valuable and necessary one for many coaches. The material in this course is designed to assist the coach who has been asked to step up for the first time to coach a team in competition. The course is, in part, conducted in the classroom covering the role of the coach, methodology and player development. The field portions of the course cover a variety of helpful training ideas primarily designed to improve technical ability. The field work also shows coaches a variety of small sided games to use and features a sample session conducted by the instructor.

*No Pre-requisite

9 hours No
Level 4

This Diploma is strongly partnered with Level 5. The primary focus of the Level 4 Diploma is to assist coaches in their teaching of technique as it is applied in the game. The course includes coaches designing a lesson plan, participating in practical field work and observing a model session. Level 4 concludes with the presentation of small side game activities that teach technique.

*No pre-requisite

12 hours No
Level 5

This Diploma is strongly partnered with Level 4. The primary focus of the Level 5 Diploma is to assist coaches in their teaching of tactics as applied in small groups. The course discusses the principles of play and the roles of players. Coaches spend time designing a lesson plan. Coaches also see tactics taught in small games and are exposed to a series of different teaching methodologies.

*No pre-requisite (Level 4 encouraged)

12 hours No
Level 6

This Diploma is an excellent preparatory course for coaches going onto the National Diploma. One third of the course is dedicated to candidates presenting on assigned topics and enjoying feedback on their performance in both methods and content. Expanding upon the content of the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas this course includes a session on reading the game as well as coaching technique and tactics with in 4 vs.4 and 6 vs. 6 models of play.

*No pre-requisite

18 hours No