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Level 6 Diploma

Course Details

This Diploma is an excellent preparatory course for coaches going onto the National Diploma. One third of the course is dedicated to candidates presenting on assigned topics and enjoying feedback on their performance in both methods and content. Expanding upon the content of the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas this course includes a session on reading the game as well as coaching technique and tactics within 4 vs.4 and 6 vs. 6 models of play.

Schedule for Level 6 Diploma

Start End Course City State Register
05/13/2016 05/15/2016 Level 6 Diploma Blaine MN REGISTER DETAIL
05/14/2016 05/15/2016 Level 6 Diploma Mooresville NC REGISTER DETAIL
06/03/2016 06/05/2016 Level 6 Diploma Pylesville MD REGISTER DETAIL
06/24/2016 06/26/2016 Level 6 Diploma Victor CO REGISTER DETAIL
06/24/2016 06/26/2016 Level 6 Diploma Limerick PA REGISTER DETAIL
07/09/2016 07/10/2016 Level 6 Diploma Gilbertsville PA REGISTER DETAIL
07/15/2016 07/17/2016 Level 6 Diploma Wayne NJ REGISTER DETAIL
07/30/2016 07/31/2016 Level 6 Diploma Grand Haven MI REGISTER DETAIL
08/05/2016 08/07/2016 Level 6 Diploma Pontiac MI REGISTER DETAIL
08/05/2016 08/07/2016 Level 6 Diploma Milwaukee WI REGISTER
08/19/2016 08/21/2016 Level 6 Diploma Cadillac MI REGISTER DETAIL
08/20/2016 08/21/2016 Level 6 Diploma Jacksonville FL REGISTER DETAIL

What to Bring

What to bring to the course: Although it is not required, you may be asked to participate in order to illustrate the instructors' sessions, so wear comfortable clothes and bring extra gear if necessary. We recommend you bring a water bottle, pen or pencil, notebook, fully inflated ball and cleats (or running shoes or indoor soccer shoes if you have an indoor location).

Candidates with any disabilities or health concerns that might limit their participation in activities should notify a staff member before the start of the course. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible at our courses!