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NSCAA Hangout Center

What Coaches Can Teach Parents to Help with Performance

Wednesday, Nov. 18 - 1 p.m. ET/Noon CT

Coaches have a lot on their plates, and while they care about the health of all players, it is difficult to keep tabs on so many athletes. In the second of this three-part series, Dr. Gallucci will discuss what coaches need to understand about performance and how to partner with parents.

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30 Under 30 Live Chat: Succeeding at the Club Level

Our panel of 30 Under 30 Participants spoke on being/becoming a youth club coach in the current landscape and how to find success at this level.


  • Kat Benton, Salina Soccer Club
  • Matthew Ream, Bavarian Soccer Club
  • James Quijano, Ajax Eastbay
  • Luis Cordova, Wylie High School

Moderator: Wes Lomnicki, Elmhurst College