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Thread: Ideal Club

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    Ideal Club

    I would like to see if we can start a discussion on how those here would set up their ideal club. Details on size, age range, types of teams, coaching (parents vs. others as well as education), $, try outs, tournaments, parental involvement and expectations as well as thoughts on they style you would want to encourage might be appropriate discussion items here.

    I have some ideas, but will add those later as i see how this develops.

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    Kelly~ The very best person to connect with I think is Robert Parr who is the Director of Coaching for the Arkansas State Soccer Association. He did a presentation at the recent NSCAA convention entitled "Developing a Model soccer Club" which was outstanding. I direct a small club in northern NH and found the information he presented enlightening. Hope this helps!!

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    Kelly, along with Giovanni's suggestion, I would also suggest that you research whatever state you may be starting a club within. USYSA and USSF all present different requirements across the 52 official state soccer associations for the formation of a "club". For instance, the requirements in MI are different than those in SC, versus Florida or PA. You can Google any state association to research.
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