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Creating an effective training session: Maximize your training sessions with help from the NSCAA

Posted by NSCAA on Oct 9, 2012 in Education, Membership 0 Comments

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The NSCAA has many services to help you maximize your training sessions and get the most out of each practice. From our coaching academies and online education opportunities to the resource library with more than 500 training plans and articles, the NSCAA offers something for every level of coach to help them improve their preparations.

Jeff Vennell, NSCAA Academy Senior Staff and Former NSCAA President presented his recommendations on how to prepare an effective practice in an article in this year’s Pre-Season Soccer Journal:

Coaches at all levels need to develop the skills to plan a practice session to effectively prepare their team for matches. The NSCAA Academy courses provide a good framework when considering what to practice, why the main topic of the practice is needed and what methodology best presents a systemic approach to reaching practice goals to prepare their team.

The following are Vennell’s five key steps to creating an effective training session, along with how members can take advantage of the NSCAA resources in their quest toward effective training:

1.) Select the Topic

The Online Resource Library is your source for easy-to-find training sessions and coaching advice articles to help you develop a session based on any topic you choose. Browse the full selection of articles, search by topic or select a resource from the categorized menu of options on the right hand side of the library. A wide range of topics from group defending and small sided games to attacking and finishing are available. Start your search now at www.nscaa.com/education/library.

Another option includes utilizing the series of educational videos developed by the NSCAA and Soccer Learning Systems. The DVDs feature members of the NSCAA Coaching Academy staff providing instruction on a range of topics. You can find a full list of available videos here.

2.) Organize the Equipment

NSCAA partners with numerous leaders in the sporting goods and services industry to provide coaches and club administrators with access to discounted products and services.

For instance, you can browse the NSCAA Store for NSCAA-branded adidas gear, or take a look at some of the products provided by Kwik Goal. You can also take a gander at the wide variety of soccer industry options in the NSCAA Buyer’s Guide.

You can also check out these products in person, along with many more, at the 2013 NSCAA Convention Exhibit Hall in January.

3.) Creating a Learning Environment

NSCAA Courses not only teach you how to create a learning environment but the NSCAA partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and the League Managers Association (LMA) to give members access to information and techniques that go beyond the game.

PCA is a national non-profit organization committed to providing all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building experience. Through this partnership, both NSCAA members and the PCA network will have access to courses and discounts focused on building up a coach’s repertoire. You can find a menu of options to utilize at the Positive Coaching Alliance Online Courses page.

The LMA partnership has provided NSCAA members’ access to two world recognized e-learning courses at discounted prices. One focuses on leadership for soccer coaches, while the other focuses on improving how coaches evaluate players and teams. Additional information about these courses can be found here.

4.) Select Your Coaching Methodology

The NSCAA Coaching Academies provide coaches with a path to develop their coaching methodology, style and overall career. We recently introduced a revamped menu of courses, Level 1-6 Diploma Courses, which makes it easier for attendees to find a course that most fits their needs.

There are also courses specific to coaches at the high school level and the position-specific goalkeeping courses.

5.) The Practice

Now you’re ready to implement the tools and knowledge gained from the NSCAA to deliver a better training experience for your players.

You can read Vennell’s full article, “Good Planning – Perfect Practice: How to create an effective training session” here.

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