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Safeguard your Hard Work by Accessing your NSCAA Insurance Benefits

Posted by NSCAA on Nov 16, 2012 in Membership 0 Comments

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Issues arising from professional liability are of great concern today. There was a time when the professional (or quasi-professional) was not a target for lawsuits; clients would never have considered bringing an action against a professional, not even in instances where negligence or errors were obvious.

Times have changed. Today, the public and our legal system expect more and are much more inclined to initiate a lawsuit. When adjudicating cases, the courts have based their judgments on an increasingly higher standard of care and responsibility. The ever-increasing levels of education, training, experience and reputation of professionals have led the courts and the public to expect service which is superior than the average person.

Insurance isn’t the easiest concept to understand but when shopping around for coverage for your camp or event, it is imperative you have general liability. It protects you against liability lawsuits or claims from a third party for bodily injury and property damage on your premises and through your operations.

While your head may be spinning with all this information, take comfort, as the NSCAA has partnered with Aon Risk Solutions to provide its members with insurance programs specifically designed to meet individual, camp, clinic and tournament needs.

NSCAA membership includes a $1 million general liability insurance policy. Liability insurance protects against legal action taken against the insured party and can pay for monies awarded to those that bring legal action against you. Your liability insurance policy would protect your livelihood from lawsuits arising from your individual coaching activities.

The policy would cover you as an individual to a certain limit, but does it cover all of your needs?

Do you need camp, tournament, event or organization insurance?

Defending your organization against, and paying for, a liability claim is expensive. Liability insurance not only pays for damages you are held legally liable for, but should also cover the cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if they are groundless.

Through Aon, members can take advantage of additional insurance options:

Both of these insurance options include important liability coverage for U.S.-based organizations or operators, and their employees and volunteers. The coverage is for liability claims arising out of operations, event cancellation or non-appearance.

As a soccer coach, you have enough to worry about day-to-day to make sure your camp, clinic or tournament runs smoothly. With participation in these insurance programs, and other NSCAA member benefits, you can worry less and concentrate on providing your players the best experience possible.

Some information provided by Aon Risk Solutions.

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