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NSCAA and NSCAC join Forces to Enhance the North American Soccer Game

Posted by NSCAA on Nov 16, 2012 in Membership 0 Comments

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The National Soccer Coaches Association of America is partnering with the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada (NSCAC) to enhance the memberships of both organizations and develop co-educational initiatives to benefit member coaches.

Through this partnership, when Canadian members join the NSCAA, they have the opportunity to simultaneously join the NSCAC as part of a dual membership offering, granting them access to the NSCAA benefits such as the Soccer Journal, the Online Resource Library, coaching academies and more.

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“The NSCAA is proud to be able to work with the NSCAC in the best interests of coaches in all of North America. The sharing of resources and ideas creates energy in our efforts to provide relevant and applicable information to as many coaches as possible,” Ian Barker, NSCAA Director of Coaching Education, said. “A partnership between these two national coaches’ associations serves to remind us that soccer is a truly global sport and that our individual strengths are only enhanced by working relationships such as this one.”

This is an exciting partnership for the soccer world. The goal of both organizations is to help encourage the growth and promote soccer by best equipping coaches to be the best they can be. This aligns with the idea to enhance the enjoyment of the game for coaches, the players they teach and the soccer friends with which they come in contact.

“On behalf of the NSCAC and Canadian soccer coaches, we are looking forward to developing the partnership with the NSCAA,” added John DeBenedictis, NSCAC Executive Director.

NSCAC president Tony Waiters added, “It’s one step, but a great one in continuing to build up this wonderful game through the exchange of knowledge.”

About the NSCAC

NSCAC was first established in 1994 and has always worked closely with the NSCAA.  This partnership will allow a much greater exchange of soccer coaching ideas and information for Canadian coaches.

For more information about the NSCAC, visit nscac.ca.

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