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The 2013 NSCAA Convention – Portrait Of A Sport

Posted by NSCAA on Jan 28, 2013 in Events 0 Comments

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The following is an exerpt from an article by The Original Winger covering the 2013 NSCAA Convention. Also included is other coverage about the most recent edition of "Soccer's Biggest Party."

Last week Dunny and I headed to Indianapolis for the NSCAA Convention. Neither of us had ever been so we were really uncertain about what to expect from it and what it is really about. We have plenty of friends that go on the regular, we have been invited a number of times and we have even been asked to curate a space for Bumpy Pitch. Yet through it all we had never been. So we wanted to go and see what it was all about. And I have to say I am really glad that we did.

I’m assuming that many of you have heard of it, and if you are like us, you still weren’t entirely clear what really went on there. So we wanted to go and meet with people that made this yearly trip to see what it means to different people around the game. We wanted to talk to a wide range of people who attended and see what the convention really meant to each of them. Whether they were there for the education component, exhibit their brand, catch the 2013 MLS Super Draft or just be there to network, the convention really does have something for everyone involved in the sport. It’s a time to get educated, be introduced to new ideas / philosophies, meet with people you only deal with on the phone or over e-mail and ultimately advance your role within the sport.

We ended up hearing great stories, seeing people we hadn’t seen in years, making new friends and expanding our soccer minds. And for us, it’s a great time be in such an incredible environment. If you haven’t been, make a point of getting out to a convention. If you have been, and know what it’s all about, then I hope you continue to embrace the uniqueness of this event in the landscape of American soccer.

If you have read this site with any regularity, then you might remember seeing that we go way back with John O’Brien. I first met John when we were 14 years old when we were on the same club team.

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