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Flipping the Field by Academy Staff Instructor Vince Ganzberg

Posted by Vince Ganzberg, Academy Staff Instructor on Jan 29, 2013 in Education 0 Comments

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Vince Ganzberg, NSCAA Academy Staff Instructor, presents a unique concept coaches can implement into their practices.

Entitled "Flipping the Field," Ganzberg recommends using technology to enhance a players ability to learn. "Flipping the Field" is based on a Khan Academy concept by flipping the classroom. The instructor (or in this case, the coach) sends the student a video to view online before the next session. Rather than using practice time to instruct the concept from scratch, that same amount of time is used for hands-on, enrichment-type activities. This then allows the student/player to learn at his or her own pace, as well as enhance matery learning (learning by practicing at home).

Ganzberg also covers several criticisms of this type of concept, including the increased amount of time the player is in front of a screen. However, he also points out that positives in "flipping the field," such as:

- Inspiring players
- Educating players
- Increased one-on-one time at practice

Click below to view the presentation.

You can find additional presentations at the link below, as well as additional educational resources at our Online Resource Library. Articles available at the Resource Library include activities and full training sessions to use with your athletes.

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