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Integrating the Goalkeeper in a Team Training Session

Posted by Giovanni Pacini, Goalkeeper Academy Staff on May 1, 2015 in Education 0 Comments

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Not every team is blessed with a goalkeeper coach, however armed with some fundamental knowledge, not only can the coach work with the goalkeeper on a one on one basis, but can do so in the realm of integrating other the players. Outlined in the downloadable PDF is but one session that illustrates training both the team and the goalkeeper. It is designed to focus on passing and receiving, but shows how the goalkeeper can be effectively involved without compromising the integrity of the session as a whole.

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The session concludes in a 6 v. 6 game using full goals. At the coach’s discretion, restrictions can be made on the players (2 touch, 5 passes before shooting…), so as to heighten the pressure of executing quality passes and necessity of being able to receive the ball so as to set up the subsequent pass. The goalkeeper is allowed to play freely, however a training flag is placed 1-2 feet beyond the posts. The keeper is expected to defend “flag to flag,” as this will assist in enhancing the goalkeeper’s range.

This and dozens of other training sessions and articles dedicated to goalkeeper training are available in the Online Resource Library. Categorized under Plans & Exercises or Theory, coaches can find ways to build up your goalkeeper's skill level. Other articles include

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Giovanni Pacini is the NSCAA Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Technical Coordinator, Chairman of the NSCAA Technical Committee, and member of both the NSCAA National and National Goalkeeper Academy Staffs. He is also the head men’s soccer coach at Lasell College and directs Make The Save Goalkeeper Training.

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