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Transform Your Field with Turf Conditioners

Posted by Turface Athletics on Jan 4, 2013 in Education 0 Comments

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When applied properly to a soccer field, turf conditioners can transform the turf from ordinary to first class in any environment.

Field & Fairway from Turface Athletics readies a field for play by improving drainage and maintaining a balance of air and moisture in the root zone, while retaining nutrients and making them available to the grass plant. Additionally, conditioners protect high-traffic areas from cleat damage and speed recovery between games during the season. Conditioners can also help a field cosmetically, too. Field & Fairway Emerald, with its green coloring, will mask worn or damaged areas while blending well with healthy green turf to keep a field looking its best in the midst of the season.

A few of the more common reasons for applying a turf conditioner and the proper application technique include:

Preventing slippery, wet conditions to ensure athlete safety

Application: Topdress fields prior to events where rain is in the forecast
Result: Increases traction and safety by absorbing rainfall to reduce slippery mud patches; protects the crowns of the turf with non-abrasive particles

Rescuing fields from standing water and muddy conditions

Application: Pour directly into muddy wet areas for instant drying, better traction and safer fields
Result: Prevents turf damage by removing surface water

Reducing watering requirements

Application: Apply 10 tons of Field & Fairway to add 2,000 gallons of water-holding capacity
Result: Protects turf from mid-summer dry spells by holding and releasing water in the root zone when grass requires it

Permanently modify the soil

Application: Add water- and air-holding pore space within the soil
Result: Permanently improves drainage and reduces compaction

Choosing the right product

Before the application process begins, it’s important to choose the correct field conditioner for the field in question to ensure the conditioner will work effectively.

Field & Fairway is ideal as a topdressing, or can be incorporated into a root zone mix for native soil fields to provide an outstanding combination of air- and water-holding capacity, reducing compaction and providing effective moisture management. Turface also features its ceramic particles in Greens Grade sizing with sand-sized particles that are ideal for sand-based root zones

For more detailed information about soil conditioners, visit www.turface.com. If you have any questions and would like to speak with an expert about your project, call Turface at 800-207-6457. You can also visit Turface in the NSCAA Exhibit Hall at booth number 5305.

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