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NSCAA Partners with TeamHomeField.com for an Added Member Benefit

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Membership 0 Comments

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NSCAA and TeamHomeField.com have formed a partnership to provide NSCAA members with a unified film breakdown, exchange and recruiting system for the entire sport of soccer. With TeamHomeField.com, coaches can breakdown game film, share it with their players, and exchange it with other coaches to prepare for upcoming opponents. Additionally, coaches and athletes can make customized highlight reels that can be sent to any school in the country for recruiting and scouting  purposes.

“We’re honored to be partnering with the NSCAA. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the country, and we’re really proud to provide the members of such a great organization with our video analysis and recruiting tools,” TeamHomefield.com CEO Joe Yevoli said.

TeamHomeField.com is a video platform that makes coaches’ lives easier by giving them greater access and control of their game film. Once film is uploaded to a team’s private account, the team’s coaches are able to edit that film, give access of it to their players, and instantly exchange it with any coach in their league, or throughout the country.

"NSCAA is committed to helping our membership both on and off the field. TeamHomeField.com provides coaches with a platform to efficiently manage game videos allowing them to spend more time focusing on their onfield preparations. We are excited to partner with TeamHomeField.com in offering this to coaches, " Joe Cummings, NSCAA CEO, said.

The HomeField Online Editor gives coaches an easy and customizable way to breakdown film on any computer, instantly making it available for their players to review in slow-mo, frame-by-frame, and with video drawing.  Players, coaches, and parents can make customizable highlight reels that can be saved, burned to a DVD, or sent to college coaches for recruiting purposes.

Here’s a quick video that will show you more of what TeamHomeField.com can do.

You can get started today with a two-week free trial. Or, upgrade today and get a 10 percent NSCAA discount by using the discount code: NSCAAHF2013.

For a quick demo or to learn more, call 516-234-0412.

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